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A Water Bowl For Animals & Birds

The Water Bowl Project is an annual initiative conducted by the Seva & Daan since 2017 to provide some comfort to homeless animals (animal ngo in kanpur) in this unforgiving summer. The lack of clean drinking water leads to dehydration and finally the death of thousands of homeless animals and birds in our city. Here is a chance to help the animals and birds in your street in a small way.

The water bowl project, one of the major projects of Seva & Daan, aims to provide cement water bowls during every summer to Kanpur city’s residents who wish to quench the thirst of animals on the streets (Dogs, Cows and Birds etc.,)

Birds Nest

In today’s modern era, humans build their houses in such a way that there are no vents in it, due to which the sparrow bird living in the house becomes homeless, which is decreasing in number, seeing that we provide an artificial home for the sparrow so that birds can be saved!

Street Animals Feeding

We also do feedings for the destitute animals (animal ngo in kanpur) of the street! In our feeding program, we feed milk, bread, bread, dog food, husk all this time to the animals of the street!


We can live for 1 day without water, but it is difficult to stay 1 minute without oxygen, so we keep planting trees from time to time to conserve nature.

Food Distribution

Our team collects the leftover food at a party function and then delivers the food to the needy people. The result is that the poor people who eat simple food sometimes also get tasty food which makes them feel happy.

Cloth Distribution

We deliver warm clothes, blankets, shoes, slippers, etc. to people sleeping on the pavement, who are homeless, who do not have a roof.

Slum Area Education

Our society also provides education to the children living in poor neighborhoods, because we believe that if the children are educated then they will find employment somewhere else instead of begging.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.

Seva & Daan foundation is a Kanpur based, non-profit charity organization dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in Kanpur,UP.

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