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A Voice for Voiceless

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We are best ngo in Kanpur work for animals as well as for poor people but can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.


Seva & Daan Foundation (S.D.F)- for Voiceless

Seva & Daan Foundation (S.D.F) society is a Kanpur based, non-profit society and only ngo in Kanpur to work for both animals and poor people dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in Kanpur,UP. We strive to put our donor’s generous contributions to work where they are needed the most. We formed this society has been helping animals, birds, poor, etc. since 2018. This organization treats stray destitute animals when they become ill or are injured. We have treated hundreds of destitute animals so far.


seva daan animal adoption


We get destitute animals such as puppies, cats etc. to make these street animals find a good home and it does not stray in search of hunger and collides with a vehicle and every person survives their death in today's time In this Adoption Program, a dog of foreign species rears cats, we mobilize people for indigenous breed!

seva daan blanket distribution

Blanket Distribution

We provide blankets to the destitute poor and needy people who sleep on the pavement in Rodeo who do not have their own roof to live in, as well as any warm clothes that may be available. Let's make you By going street-street at night, we find these needy people and then provide blankets to them!

seva daan food distribution

Food Distribution

We also provide food from time to time to the poor people, our service and charity team would provide food to these people at different places where there is a possibility of meeting poor people, railway stations etc. is! Also, our team collects the leftover food from hotels and guest houses and reaches these poor people!

seva daan feeding program

Feeding Programs

The service donation team periodically feeds all the destitute animals such as street dogs, puppies, cows, bulls etc. And in this feeding program, the service donation team feeds hundreds of destitute animals a day! And it motivates people to keep feeding the animals of your street in the morning and evening every day, because this animal is unique, you will not have to ask for it!

seva daan animal rescue

Animal Rescue

When the destitute animals of Kanpur get injured and sick then they are cow, bull, dog, cat, monkey, horse, snake be it any animal or any way to be our service and charity of the society. The team reaches them and gives them treatment! So far, the service donation team has treated and continues to treat hundreds of animals!

seva daan slum area education

We Educate

Some volunteers of the Seva Daan team devote their precious time to our society so that we provide free education to poor children in the slum area as well as whatever education material we need as we provide it It is believed that if children are educated, their future will be bright and child labor will decrease! India will study, India will develop!


seva daan donation

Donate Us

If you also want to help the Seva Daan Society, then you can Donate as per your wish, the money given by you will be used for the treatment of these animals and nature conservation!

become volunteer in seva daan

Become Volunteer

If you donate us, we would also like to ask you to join us and help us save these animals. The more we have volunteers, the more we will be able to save the animals!

seva daan animal adoption

Adopt Now

We all know that thousands of stray animals often die in an accident or for some other reason, so we request all of you to join us and provide place to these stray animals to live!

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Hardik Tripathi Seva and Daan Society Team Member
seva and daan team member
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Seva and Daan Team

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people and animals without people helping others. We always need volunteer and donation because we are the only ngo in Kanpur which work for Animals as well as for poor people. We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.

What People Say ?

All beings on earth have equal rights, If we live openly on the earth, then we should also let animals live freely, It should be the ultimate duty of a human being to take care of all the creatures and plants living in nature. The Seva and Daan society has been doing this work for many years!
You should start doing some good work for your future tomorrow. Today, every human being should show compassion to the living beings, the seva and daan society is doing something similar today even this is the only ngo in kanpur which work for both animals as well as for poor people. The love and affection you give to animals they remember throughout your life. So, together with Seva and Daan, you should make the destitute animals a part of your family and take care of them and stand with Seva and Daan.​​
In today’s time, people do not think about humans, this service is done by the people of the seva and daan society, they think for the animals, what can be better than this? A live example of what has been said to “live and let live” is the Volunteer of the Seva and Daan Society!

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Seva & Daan foundation is a Kanpur based, non-profit charity organization dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in Kanpur,UP.

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